“I’m looking to find whatever’s next...for me.” 
So says New York-bred and based musician and composer Peter Frank, who’s currently performing in select, intimate venues throughout the five boroughs of New York City, solo, and with his band, Lucky Flamingo. This Doo-Wop, folk-inflected rock ‘n roller has a unique, dual musical presence -- he’s as facile on woodwind instruments as he is as a guitarist and vocalist.
Peter has been involved with music since he realized what music was, and meant, as a soloist, a side man and a member of original bands.  Given the current choice of remaining with a band or reinventing himself as a solo artist with (or without) backup, he chose the latter, and he hasn’t looked back.  His music, his performances, reflect who he is in the moment, and showcase the bond he’s forged with his audience, musically and emotionally.  Peter’s music is stripped down, it’s direct, it’s powerful, and it’s right there -- and that’s just what music and live performance should be. 



The Clonetones
:  rock n' roll - saxophones, vocals, 1978-1984
"Kill 'Em in Vegas", released 1981 on Rogo Records 

Frequency:  latin-jazz/funk - saxophones, vocals, 1979-1986
master recording sessions with Teo Macero at Mediasound Studios 

Killerfish:   rythmn and blues/blues - saxophones, vocals, 1986-1988

The DCvers:  urban country - guitar, vocals, 1988-2002
music from the 2001 Sundance Grand Jury Prize documentary film, "Southern Comfort" can be heard @ dcvers.com (including the original full band recording of  "I Want You") 

Currently writing, recording and performing  solo and with band